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How to test email deliverability ?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Email Deliverability is a key concept for e-mail marketing. The purpose of an email is to be read. We help our customers by conducting deliverability tests with the goal of ensuring that their e-mails will arrive in their recipients' inbox, not filtered out into their junk mail or spam folder!

Email marketing is the most effective method to communicate directly with your customers and people who are interested in your brand, product, or service. But if you don't know what you're doing and emails are sent to spam instead of inboxes, then all of your efforts have been wasted.

Here come's the need for email deliverability test . This is where Xemaildeliver skills come to the rescue.

A best email deliverability expert is an individual that knows how to get emails through the spam filters in your recipients’ inbox, not their junk mail. Email deliverability has been proven to receive better results for businesses or individuals who are trying to promote a product or service. The most common reasons why an email might get flagged as spam is because of poor spelling and punctuation, unfamiliar words or if there are too many links. We highly advise you to seek assistance from a professional provider in this field as it can be very time consuming and difficult to manage all by yourself.

How to do email deliverability Authenticate Email Domain, Check SPF, DKIM & DMARC records.

Check IP Blacklisting

Write Non-Spammy Subject Lines in emails.

Send email contents that people love

Why is email deliverability important?

If email lands in spam, there is no meaning to your email campaign. If you are looking for a good ROI in email marketing, email deliverability is important to you.

Get your conversions done: Do email deliverability & get your emails right to the inbox of recipients. If emails don't land in inbox or land in spam, how can you expect for a good conversations done.

Does anyone wants to be email spammer : - Answer is no-one wants there email to land in spam folders. As a small business, getting new customers is one of your biggest goals. And you’re going to need to tell people about your brand, whether it's through social media or email marketing. It's important that your ads are relevant and targeted toward the person receiving them - no one likes to feel like they're being spammed!

Let's do email deliverability test by own or with Xemaildeliver .

Step 1:- You bought a domain & planning to run email marketing. If you are into Email Marketing, then you should authenticate an email alias.

  1. SPF

  2. DKIM

  3. DMARC

  4. Custom Domain

SPF, DKIM & DMARC records come into play when authenticating the email address with the tools used for electronic communication processes and other factors such as how deliverability will be affected & so on.

SPF(Sender Policy Framework) : SPF is used in email servers to check the source address and verify it is permitted to send emails for a given domain.

SPF is an email authentication protocol that allows the admin of the domain to define the list of mailing servers used from the domain. Whenever any sender sends out an email to a recipient it’s checked against SPF records and if found clean, then it gets relayed through.

DKIM(Domain Keys Identified Mail) : DKIM is one of many email authentication protocols out there. This process shows the receiver that your emails are actually coming from you and not from a third-party source. Although this might seem to be easy to detect, in reality, it isn't. What DKIM does is it helps prevent people from using your name to send spam or other malicious messages into other people’s inboxes without revealing any information about themselves. This process also affirms that your emails are coming from an authorized address, which helps with phishing scams while keeping you away from major email scams because the receiver already knows you’re the sender and where they can reach you to call you out on it if need be.

DMARC(Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) : DMARC is an email standard that authenticates legitimate emails to prevent phishing and spam. You can choose to set up your own DMARC record or use a third part service like Mailchimp.

Sometimes the Internet Service Providers give your business a hard time by either restricting which domain servers you can use or putting blocks on things like specific IP addresses. To get around these issues, sometimes it's necessary to set up a DMARC record in order to have your emails go through as intended.

To improve Email Deliverability you can use custom domains. Adding a custom domain is one of the tricks to improve email deliverability. Some websites even provide you with detailed guides on how to setup your own custom domain and use it in place of the default one that they provide you with so you can have more control over your hard work.

Ensuring that emails are being delivered to the right place at the right time is crucial when it comes to effective email marketing campaigns.

Tools For Email Deliverability Testing

The good news is that marketers don’t have to worry about too much of a certain undertaking since testing email deliverability can be done in the event you utilize the following tools. Instead, you'll send one of your campaign emails to a specified address, and these service will provide you with information such as your spam score and whether your campaign’s email address is on a block list or not

XemailDeliver :- Let Xemaildeliver assist you in becoming a pro when it comes to the deliverability solutions. Should you require or want to do deliverability services, then Xemaildeliver is one of the bests that you can consider - their work can be trusted when it comes to excellence. If you want to get your content opened, have it properly sent without fail, and have your company's reputation kept intact when it comes to the subject of deliverability, at Xemaildeliver we can ensure you'll get a 100% review and audit of all incoming emails.

Xemaildeliver provides you with complete sendability solutions. You can book a demo for their deliverability services today! Xemaildeliver review your emails to ensure that any potential issues are fixed, that your open rates increase, and that your content is now hostile to spam.

Xemaildeliver is a comprehensive service for increasing email delivery. We know that in order to maximize your email's inbox delivery, you need extensive testing tools & professionals. This is why we offer everything you'll need from an individual IP tester all the way up to a blocklist monitor and opening reports.

You can create a high performing email deliverability system. Xemaildeliver is a human driven, email deliverability and reputation management solution that helps you achieve good sender reputation, high inbox placement, and great overall email deliverability.

XemailDeliver provides below solutions :-

Email Deliverability Audit :- An email deliverability audit will help you optimize your emails to get the best possible delivery rates.

Email Infrastructure Setup :- With Xemaildeliver Setting up your email infrastructure is easier than you think.

Deliverability Management :- Xemaildeliver Email Deliverability Management helps you create, send and track email marketing campaigns. It helps you avoid spam traps and deliver your emails to the inbox.

Email Warmup :- Get more prospects, customers, and sales from your email marketing campaigns. Email Warm Up is a tool that lets you warm up your list before sending a campaign for maximum open and click-through rates.

INBOX PLACEMENT TEST : - With Xemaildeliver - Before you send actual email campaign, do Inbox Placement Tests so that you can know where your email will going to land , either in spam , inbox or promotion folder.

If you are sending bulk email and facing blacklisting issues then xemaildeliver can help you. We are the email deliverability experts and we know how to whitelist your domain back. Xemaildeliver maintains email deliverability and help in increasing your Return on Investment.

Conclusion :-

Did you know that it takes a lot of time, money and patience to run an email marketing campaign that actually gets results? That's because email deliverability rates are dropping and people are receiving more and more spam every day.

Get your emails delivered! Deliverability is one of the most challenging aspects of online marketing, especially for new & big email marketers. Xemaildeliver provides free Demo for deliverability test to help you determine if your email is at risk.

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